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Health Care QualityHealth Care Quality: The Clinician's Primer

Edited by David B. Nash, MD, MBA, Janice Clarke, RN, Alexis Skoufalos, EdD, Melissa Horowitz

412 pages. ©2012

Experts from the renowned Jefferson School of Population Health in Philadelphia, Pa., came together to write this insightful and authoritative guide to health care quality, a must-have book for any clinician trying to improve patient safety. You’ll learn how to apply quality measures, how to evaluate quality, perspectives on value and value-based purchasing, and a look at the national agenda for improving quality and safety. The writers even take an insightful look to the future to look at where the quality movement is headed next.

Health Care Quality: A Clinician’s Primer, edited by David B. Nash, MD, MBA, and colleagues at Jefferson provides a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by health care leaders striving to deliver high quality, patient-centered care in a safe and cost effective way.

Table of Contents

Dedication vi

Foreword vii

Preface ix

Contributors xiii

Section I. Introduction to Quality in Health Care

Chapter 1 — Background 3
By Neil I. Goldfarb

Chapter 2 — Conceptualization and Definitions of Quality 9
By Stephen R. Grossbart, PhD and Jaya Agrawal, MA, MHSA

Chapter 3 — Legal and Regulatory Issues in Quality 25
By Martha C. Romney, RN, JD, MPH

Chapter 4 — Patient Safety and Medical Errors 43
By Edward A. Walker, MD, MHA

Chapter 5 — The Quality Policy Environment 57
By David Domann, MS, RPh

Section II. Measuring Quality: Application of Quality Measures

Chapter 6 — Data Collection 77
By Susan Irene DesHarnais, PhD, MPH

Chapter 7 — Process Improvement Using National Data 89
By Rick May, MD

Section III. Evaluating Quality: Diverse Dimensions of the Health Care System

Chapter 8 — Measuring Quality at the Health Plan Level 115
By Eric J. Berman, DO, MS, Karen E. Michael, RN, MSN, MBA, and Tina Morton, RN, BSN, CCM, CPHQ, CHCQM

Chapter 9 — Measuring Quality of Inpatient Care 139
By Evan M. Benjamin, MD, FACPE and Adrienne Seiler, MD

Chapter 10 — Measuring Quality in Long Term Care 157
By Richard G. Stefanacci, DO, MGH, MBA, AGSF, CMD

Chapter 11 — Measuring Quality in Ambulatory Care 177
By Bettina Berman, RN, CNOR, CPHQ and Valerie P. Pracilio, MPH, CPPS

Chapter 12 — Measuring Quality in the Pharmacy 191
By David Nau, RPh, PhD, and Laura Cranston, RPh

Section IV. Balancing Competing Perspectives: Purchasers, Physicians, Patients

Chapter 13 — Value-Based Purchasing 205
By Neil I. Goldfarb

Chapter 14 — Public Reporting and Pay-For-Performance 213
By Flossie E. Wolf

Chapter 15 — The Role of A Patient Safety Authority 229
By Michael C. Doering, MBA

Chapter 16 — An Evidence-based Approach to Engaging Patients 245
By Judith Hibbard, DrPH and Mary Minniti, CPHQ

Chapter 17 — Organizational Impact on Quality and Safety 263
By Rangaraj Ramanujam, PhD and Alon Peltz, BA

Section V. Improving Health Care Quality: The National Agenda

Chapter 18 — Tools for Quality Improvement: Six Sigma 279
By Yosef D. Dlugacz, PhD and Carolyn Sweetapple, RN, CPA, MBA

Chapter 19 — Role of Health IT in Measurement and Improvement 295
By Harm J. Scherpbier, MD

Chapter 20 — Changing the Health Care Delivery System 313
By Donald E. Casey, Jr., MD, MPH, MBA, FACP, FAHA

Chapter 21 — Collaboration between Public Health and Health Care Organizations 331
By Bonnie L. Zell, MD, MPH, Greg D. Randolph, MD, MPH, and Amanda Cornett, MPH

Chapter 22 — Changing the Culture of Health Care Education 345
By Peter J. Katsufrakis, MD, MBA

Clinical Reflection
By John W. Caruso, MD, FACP
Nursing Education Perspective By Mary Lou Manning, PhD, CRNP

Section VI. Future Directions for Quality Measurement and Improvement

Chapter 23 — Future Directions 379

Entering the Health Care Crossroads
By Michael J. Dowling

Nursing Credentialing: Raising the Bar on Clinical Excellence
By Karen Drenkard, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

The Future Is Now
By David E. Longnecker, MD, FACP and Dave Davis, MD, CCFP, FCFP