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Resume Writing Services

What are the benefits of having a well-written resume?

On average, recruiters spend approximately 15 seconds scanning a resume before deciding whether or not an interview is necessary. A concise, well-written resume must demonstrate your value, communicate your potential and maintain the reader’s attention.

A resume is NOT the same thing as a CV. Executive recruiters do not want or need to see a CV, which details your education, contributions, publications and presentations. Recruiters need to see your skills, achievements and how your previous successes will mean future success for their client.

Who performs this service?

ACPE works with several industry experts to craft brief, powerful resumes. These individuals work in the healthcare market as writers, editors, advisors, coaches and instructors.

What services are offered?

Resume Review and Cover Letter

Starting from a CV or resume, we will work with you to craft a document that gets attention, that focuses on the reader, and that will help you discover your strengths, your talents, and your potential contribution to a new employer. We will also assist you in creating a cover letter tailored to the position of interest.

Capabilities Profile

This is a document that outlines distinguishing characteristics and identifies strengths and value as the reader understands it. The Capabilities Profile is a unique and powerful tool that can win you the interview and the job. Resumes tell what you have done; a Capabilities Profile tells what you can do.

90-day Onboarding Plan

This is a document to present during that crucial second interview which outlines your priorities, goals and strategies for the first 90 days. As one employer said looking at the 90-day plan, “Now how am I going to hire anyone else?

Interview Preparation

Learn what questions to anticipate and practice answering them with ACPE’s Career Advisor. These sessions provide a clear understanding of what interviewers expect from you – as well as what you should expect from them.  

Services Member Cost Non-member Cost
Resume/Cover Letter $250 $450
Resume/Cover Letter/Capabilities Profile $490 $850

Additional Services

Capabilities Profile
(without resume/cover letter)
$250 $450
LinkedIn profile review $150 $270
LinkedIn profile review & redo $300 $540
Interview preparation session $250 $450
First 90 day onboarding $350 $630

How does the process work?

ACPE’s resume reviewers start with the resume you are currently using (or CV). You will receive edits and recommendations from the reviewer and have the opportunity to provide input and insight as to their comments. A typical turn-around time for a resume and cover letter is 7–10 days.

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