Advertise with ACPE

Target your product or service to thousands of physician leaders

When you advertise or exhibit with the American College of Physician Executives, you put your product or service in front of some of the biggest decision-makers in medicine today.

ACPE members include chief executive officers, chief medical officers, vice presidents of medical affairs and more. They come from hospitals, group practices, academic medical centers and insurance companies.

The ACPE survey showed that nearly half work in organizations with revenues of $100 million or more; 17 percent with revenues of $1billion or more.

According to an internal survey, members of the ACPE are actively involved
in purchasing decisions, including:

  • 77 percent buy health care technology, such as EMRs, CPOEs and electronic prescription software
  • 62 percent purchase medical/surgical equipment
  • 43 percent make pharmaceutical purchases
  • 57 percent procure consulting services 

ACPE offers numerous ways to reach out to our nearly 10,000 physician members, including:

  • Sponsorship/Partnership opportunities as an exhibitor at ACPE conferences
  • Print display advertising in The Physician Executive journal
  • Website advertising
  • Classified advertising (CareerLink Online Job Bank)
  • Classified advertising (The Physician Executive journal)
  • Mailing lists 

To advertise with ACPE, contact:

Fox Associates
116 West Kinzie Street
Chicago, IL 60654

NewYork 212-725-2106
Los Angeles 805-522-0501
Detroit 248-626-0511
Atlanta 800-440-0231
Phoenix 480-538-5021